Terms & Conditions

 Usage instructions of www.coinslv.com website and www.coinslv.com  online store distance contract.

ATTENTION! By placing an order in www.coinslv.com online store You thereby confirm that you have read and accepted terms and conditions of this contract.

Distance contract is concluded between: Seller: owner of the www.coinslv.com online store COINSLV.COM, and Buyer who places order and makes a purchase in www.coinslv.com online store.

Terms used:
1) Distance contract - contract concluded between Seller and Buyer on the purchase of goods which determines rights, obligations and responsibility of the parties.
2) Online store - Seller's website www.coinslv.com with store in it for sale purposes.
3) Shopping cart (My cart) - Buyer's chosen Items on the www.coinslv.com website which Buyer wants to buy and confirms it by clicking on the "Order" button next to the Item
4) Client - any person who visits www.coinslv.com website
5) Rules - rules of COINSLV.COM website and terms of Distance contract
6) Password - Buyer's combination of letters and/or digits chosen during registration with which Client confirms his/her identity and undertakes not to disclose or hand over to any Third parties;
7) Order - Shopping cart completed by Buyer and sent to Seller in accordance with terms of Distance contract, a filled in attributes form, on the basis of which Seller issues Advance bill to the Buyer.
8) Registered client - any person who is registered in www.coinslv.com website
9) Attributes form - information which Buyer provides about themselves by registering as a client of Online Store
10) Buyer: is natural or legal person who orders Items from Online store
11) Items - products offered for purchase in Online Store
12) Registered client - a person who has provided information about him/her in www.coinslv.com registration form
13) Third Party - any person who is not the party of the Distance Contract;

1. General provisions
1.1. Anybody can purchase Items in Online Store.  Buyer has the right to choose and buy products in Online Store being both registered or not registered client.
1.2. Distance Contract is conducted (comes into force) as of the moment when Buyer has chosen Items in the Online Store and sends Shopping Cart to Seller by clicking on the button "Order".
1.3. Buyer does not have the right to order products in Online Store if he/she has not read and agreed on the terms and conditions of the Distance Contract. If Buyer orders Items it is deemed that Buyer has read Distance Contract and without any objections agrees to it's terms and conditions
1.4. Seller reserves the right unilaterally without prior warning to make changes to the Distance Contract. Terms of Distance contract which are in force at the moment of purchase are applicable when buying in Online Store, Buyer must read Distance Contract every time when making an Order.
1.5. Seller has the right without prior warning to limit the offers chosen by Buyer or void Buyer's registration if Buyer is using Online Store violating Terms or by using Online store tries to harm the stability or security of Online Store.
1.6. By inserting an according notification in www.coinslv.com website Seller has the right to temporary or permanently terminate Online Store operation without prior warning the Buyer and satisfying Orders that have been received before inserting the notification.
1.7. Images of Items have informative nature.

2. Commercial offers and declining from them
2.1. Every visitor of the Online Store has the right to subscribe to receive commercial information by clicking on Subscribe button and filling in and sending the e-mail address.
2.2. Everybody who has subscribed to receive Online Store commercial information has the right at any time to unsubscribe from it by sending e-mail letter to info@coinslv.com or using the link at the end of the commercial information letter.

3. Registration and processing of personal data
3.1. While purchasing Items in Online Store the Buyer can register by filling in registration form www.coinslv.com  (Register), and providing Buyer's personal data: for natural person - name, surname, e-mail address, address of delivery, telephone number, other data important for delivery (e.g., door code, et al.), for legal person – name, surname, name of the company, short title, registration no., address, delivery address, contact information, bank, bank account number.
3.2. Buyer is responsible for data provided in Registration form (in delivery information - for not registered Buyers) is precise, correct, and complete. If Buyers data changes, Buyer must update it before making Order. Seller is not responsible for losses which may occur to Buyer or Third Parties because Buyer has not provided correct and complete data (or has not updated the data).
3.3. When registering or making Order, Buyer has to make sure that provided e-mail address is accessible and e-mail letters can be received. After making an Order Buyer undertakes to check e-mail provided to the Seller not less often than every working day. Seller shall not be responsible if Advance Bill of the Order has been sent to Buyer's provided e-mail address, but Buyer has not received it.
3.4. Registered Clients have right to change their data in Online Store or unsubscribe from receiving commercial information freely at any time.
3.5. After registration in Online Store, Registered Client receives individual password for making Orders in Online Store. Registered Client undertakes to keep password in a safe place that is not available to third parties and not to disclose it to any third person. Registered Client is responsible for storing access data as well as for any activities (providing data, ordering products et al.) that are performed in Online Store when logged in using e-mail address and password. Any person that is logged in Online Store and makes Orders using access data of Registered Client is treated by Seller as Registered Client.
3.6. When registering in Online Store, Registered Client can choose whether to subscribe to receive commercial notifications or not. Registered Client can subscribe and unsubscribe from receiving commercial notifications at any time.
3.7. If Registered Client has lost (forgotten) access data to Online Store, they have to send password reminder request
3.8. By registering in Online Store, Registered Client agrees to Distance Contract and entitles to select, register, enter, store, systematize, use, and in any other way to process personal data that Registered Client provides by filling in Registration form for referred objectives.
3.9. Buyer who is not Registered Client by making Order and providing Delivery information agrees to Distance Contract and entitles to select, register, enter, store, systematize, use, and in any other way to process their personal data for referred objectives.
3.10. Seller has the right to entrust processing of personal data and sending commercial notifications to third parties in accordance with laws in force in the Republic of Latvia and their requirements for protection of natural person personal data and sending commercial notifications.
3.11. Registered Client's , Buyer's (including non-registered customer's) personal data provided will be processed only to the extent necessary, identifying the buyer informed about the transaction through the sale of goods and delivery, prescribing the documents, repayment of overpaid amounts of money for Buyer's returned goods, managing the debt by another course of Distance Contract contractual obligations, as well as allowing the Buyer the opportunity to use other Online Store offers, ensuring that the Personal Data Protection Law and other Latvian Republic law in force. When processing and storing personal data, the Seller will use organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, and any other unlawful processing.
3.12. Buyer can use data not directly connected to Buyer for statistics. Such statistics will be selected and processed in such a way that identity of the buyer or any other personal data which it would be possible to determine would not be disclosed.
3.13. For marketing purposes, such as statistics, personal data may be processed only in aggregate form.
3.14. Seller will not disclose information about the Client and the Registered Client (including unregistered client's) personal data to third parties except in certain circumstances according to Latvian law and the Distance Contract.
3.15. By submitting a written request to the Seller, Buyer shall have the right to access and see Seller's processed Buyer's personal data and the way in which they are processed. The Buyer shall be entitled to correct inaccurate, incomplete, inaccurate personal data to suspend the processing of personal data where the data is processed in breach of the law or of Distance Contract.

4. Prices
4.1. Prices in Online Store in euro. Shipping costs are not included in the price.
4.2. Item prices in Online Store's created order are in euro. Items are sold to the Buyer at prices that are given in Online Store at the time of ordering.
4.3. Seller has the right to change prices of Items in Online Store without prior warning. Prices which are indicated in Online Store at the moment of ordering (sending order to Seller) are in force.

5. Ordering
5.1. Client can shop in Online store being registered or not registered Client. The client can also place an order by phone, calling an agent during business hours - weekdays 9:00 - 18:00 on phone +371 29955997 ordering verbally.
5.2. Buyer chooses Items in Online Store's catalogue and if it is available clicks on the button ADD TO CART:
5.3. by clicking ADD TO CART it is possible to continue shopping or go to "Shopping Cart"
5.4. In the shopping cart it is possible to specify Item's amount required, recalculate prices, empty the shopping cart, delete individual items, go back to the catalogue or buy a product;
5.5. If choosing to buy an Item options of logging in as registered user or filling in order information as new customer are available;
5.6. By completing the information as a new user at the end it will be automatically offered to sign up and subscribe for news and commercial notifications.
5.7. If the client is not registered or does not want to log in the system, than shopping with filling in fields without registration takes place and in the end it is prompted to register, but can also continue without registration.
5.8. If the Buyer is Registered Client and logged in the system, during the buying process some of the fields are already filled in (the information is preserved).
5.9. Buyer chooses to receive goods - see Rules paragraph 8.

6. Payment terms and deadlines.
6.1. In any case, the purchaser pays for goods by any offered on the site available payment method (cash on delivery (only in Riga), payment of various electronic payment systems, bank cards, bank transfer and other).
6.2. Buyer shall pay for ordered Items not later than 3 (three) working days after confirmation of the Order and receiving Advance bill.
6.3. When paying, number of the Order shall be provided, that is stated in the Advance bill.
6.4. Buyer can receive Items only after Seller has received the payment for them in bank account.
6.5. Seller has the right to unilaterally, without noticing the Buyer, void the Order and cancel the reservation if Buyer has not paid for Items 3 (three) working days after writing out Advance bill. In case when the payment is transferred not from the Buyer's but from other bank, it is advisable to inform Seller about it by sending payment order to Seller's e-mail address: info@coinslv.com

7. Order execution
7.1. Order made in Online store are processed on working days from 9.00 - 18.00.
7.2. Orders received on working days before 14.00 are processed on the same day, but orders received after 14.00 and at the weekend are processed on the next working day.
7.3. Seller shall insure that any Orders of the Buyer are met in full, but the Seller can not guarantee it. If the ordered product is not available or is not present in the sufficient amount, the Seller reserves the right not to supply the goods by noticing the Buyer. In this case Advance bill shall not be sent to the Buyer.

8.  Shipping and receiving
8.1. Items are delivered to the Buyer by latvian post service, Omniva pack stations, couriers. Items can be received free of charge in Riga.
8.2. Natural persons and legal persons can receive Items free of charge in Riga, Dzelzavas street 70 by appointment.
8.3. Delivery charges must be paid for delivery. Delivery fee can be fixed or change depending on value, weight, delivery place, of the Buyers ordered Items. Delivery fee rates Delivery information
8.4. The seller is not responsible for the operation of the postal services, although the tracking number and other documents are always provided. 
8.5. If your order is more then 70 euro, we highly recommend use courier shipping, Omniva, or ask extra insurance (it varies greatly by country and amount). 

9. Withdrawal right. Returning and changing of Items
9.1. If the Buyer is a consumer according to Consumer Protection Law (the individual who expresses a wish to acquire, purchase or to purchase or use a product or service for purposes not related to its business or profession), the Buyer may exercise the rights of withdrawal and unilateral termination of the contract (sale of Items in Online Store) 14 calendar days after delivery of the Items. Buyer cannot use withdrawal rights if:
9.1.1. delivered Items that are made on the instructions of consumer, or essential things that by their nature can not be returned if they are perishable or rapidly consumed;
9.1.2. supplied goods are food, beverages or other immediate consumption products for household goods;
9.1.3. other cases according to the law.
9.2. Buyer fills in and signs withdrawal form added to the delivery document in order to use the withdrawal right (http://coinslv.com/index.php?route=account/return/add).
9.3. Buyer within seven (7) days after written refusal returns Items (if supplied) to the Seller.
9.4. Seller repays for the Items that Buyer has returned using withdrawal right within thirty days after the return by transferring the price of the Items to the Buyer's bank account. Payment in cash is not performed. Delivery fee is not refunded.
9.5. The Buyer is responsible for maintenance of the product quality and safety during the term of the withdrawal right. Buyer is responsible for the decrease of the value of goods of any kind in the event Product is used in a way that is incompatible with the principle of good faith, including use for purposes other than Item characteristics or performance investigation.
9.6. Seller has the right not to accept Items and refuse Buyer to use withdrawal right and not refund the price paid by the Buyer in case if according to the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 207 paragraph 14.1. value of the Item has been decresed, including if:
9.6.1. Item is worn out and/or damage;
9.6.2. Item is not in full set or does not have original packaging or the packaging has been significantly damaged (except if the consumer can not otherwise open the packaging without damaging it) to preserve product from damage.
9.7. Items must not be damaged, they have to maintain their appearance (label must not be damaged or removed, protecting films not removed etc.) and unused. Item must be returned in its original packaging, in the same set as it was received, buying documents certainly have to be present, warranty card (voucher)(if such has been received), user's manual and other accessories of the Item.
9.8. Delivery fee shall be covered buy the Buyer (except if the Items does not meet the requirements of this Contract). If Buyer wants to return the Items upon their delivery, they have to be returned to the Seller's representative (Courier), and withdrawal form must be added.

10. Images.

10.1. Seller is not responsible that Items depicted in images of the Online Store do not correspond in terms of colour, shape and other parameters and are different from real size, shape and colour. Images of Items have informative nature.

11. Information exchange

11.1. Seller sends all notices and contacts the Buyer using e-mail address or telephone number provided in Buyer's registration.
11.2. Buyer sends all notices and questions using information under Contact Us stated means and addresses.