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Welcome to the online shop COINSLV.COM!

Our numismatic store specializes in buying and selling coins, banknotes, as well as accessories for coins and literature.
The assortment includes all the most popular serial coin issues: commemorative 2 euros, presidential US dollars, quarters, anniversary euros, Latvian lats, ten-ruble jubilee coins of Russia, euro coins from different countries and much much more.

Coins, medals and gold are very special types of merchandise which require outstanding expertise and extensive experience in the area of trade, and in the area of numismatics. For each client, his collection of coins is unique. It has not only financial but also historical and spiritual value, and is also closely related to the collector's own history of life. In this regard, in the sphere of our work, spotless honesty and decency are of special importance, not only at the time of sale of the coin, but also after it.

At us you will certainly find something new for your collection!
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