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Privacy Policy COINSLV.COM website

Registration and processing of personal data

1. While purchasing Items in Online Store the Buyer can register by filling in registration form  ( Registration), and providing Buyer's personal data: for natural person - name, surname, e-mail address, address of delivery, telephone number, other data important for delivery (e.g., door code, et al.), for legal person – name, surname, name of the company, short title, registration no., address, delivery address, contact information, bank, bank account number.
2. Buyer is responsible for data provided in Registration form (in delivery information - for not registered Buyers) is precise, correct, and complete. If Buyers data changes, Buyer must update it before making Order. Seller is not responsible for losses which may occur to Buyer or Third Parties because Buyer has not provided correct and complete data (or has not updated the data).
3. When registering or making Order, Buyer has to make sure that provided e-mail address is accessible and e-mail letters can be received. After making an Order Buyer undertakes to check e-mail provided to the Seller not less often than every working day. Seller shall not be responsible if Advance Bill of the Order has been sent to Buyer's provided e-mail address, but Buyer has not received it.
4. Registered Clients have right to change their data in Online Store or unsubscribe from receiving commercial information freely at any time.
5. After registration in Online Store, Registered Client receives individual password for making Orders in Online Store. Registered Client undertakes to keep password in a safe place that is not available to third parties and not to disclose it to any third person. Registered Client is responsible for storing access data as well as for any activities (providing data, ordering products et al.) that are performed in Online Store when logged in using e-mail address and password. Any person that is logged in Online Store and makes Orders using access data of Registered Client is treated by Seller as Registered Client.
6. When registering in Online Store, Registered Client can choose whether to subscribe to receive commercial notifications or not. Registered Client can subscribe and unsubscribe from receiving commercial notifications at any time.
7. If Registered Client has lost (forgotten) access data to Online Store, they have to send password reminder request
8. By registering in Online Store, Registered Client agrees to Distance Contract and entitles to select, register, enter, store, systematize, use, and in any other way to process personal data that Registered Client provides by filling in Registration form for referred objectives.
9. Buyer who is not Registered Client by making Order and providing Delivery information agrees to Distance Contract and entitles to select, register, enter, store, systematize, use, and in any other way to process their personal data for referred objectives.
10. Seller has the right to entrust processing of personal data and sending commercial notifications to third parties in accordance with laws in force in the Republic of Latvia and their requirements for protection of natural person personal data and sending commercial notifications.
11. Registered Client's , Buyer's (including non-registered customer's) personal data provided will be processed only to the extent necessary, identifying the buyer informed about the transaction through the sale of goods and delivery, prescribing the documents, repayment of overpaid amounts of money for Buyer's returned goods, managing the debt by another course of Distance Contract contractual obligations, as well as allowing the Buyer the opportunity to use other Online Store offers, ensuring that the Personal Data Protection Law and other Latvian Republic law in force. When processing and storing personal data, the Seller will use organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, and any other unlawful processing.
12. Buyer can use data not directly connected to Buyer for statistics. Such statistics will be selected and processed in such a way that identity of the buyer or any other personal data which it would be possible to determine would not be disclosed.
13. For marketing purposes, such as statistics, personal data may be processed only in aggregate form.
14. Seller will not disclose information about the Client and the Registered Client (including unregistered client's) personal data to third parties except in certain circumstances according to Latvian law and the Distance Contract.
15. By submitting a written request to the Seller, Buyer shall have the right to access and see Seller's processed Buyer's personal data and the way in which they are processed. The Buyer shall be entitled to correct inaccurate, incomplete, inaccurate personal data to suspend the processing of personal data where the data is processed in breach of the law or of Distance Contract.